Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Pea Pod Trio

Niles Street Community Garden
Hartford, CT

The Knox Parks Urban Community Garden Program has seen a dramatic increase in demand for gardening space this year. Currently there are 202 gardening families cultivating and feeding themselves fresh local produce at the 300 plots located at thirteen garden sites throughout the city of Hartford.

The folks at Knox have asked me to join them for a tour and celebration of our wonderful community gardens, several of which I have worked in as an organizer over the past ten years. After the tour, we will return to the Niles Street Garden for a clam bake with fresh local produce and plenty of friends from throughout the community.

I will perform with a group built especially for the occasion, the Pea Pod Trio, with my old friend Bill Lowe from Boston on tuba. Springfield stalwart Billy Arnold, who I met while working with Mixashawn Rozie, will join us on drums and percussion. If you live nearby and want to check out this rare local performance, contact Knox Parks Foundation for a seat on the bus.

Images of Bill and me with the Boston Jazz Repertory Orchestra
in Cambridge, MA 2002 were taken by Craig Bailey


forbes said...

Coming back through this blog after not reading it for awhile - just wanted to let you know it's great! I hope you'll keep writing about what you've been up to!!

Artist Statement said...


Funny that you should log a comment, as we recently picked up a copy of your solo plus laptop DVD at Turn It Up! in Brattleboro, VT where we had stopped on the drive home with Bill Dixon after the Firehouse 12 Residency project. Bill wanted to pop into a mens store we had seen on the way down and buy a white linen suit. Rob Mazurek even got into the act, shopping for some clothes himself. I limited myself to a pound of locally roasted coffee beans (French Roast) and your DVD, which we played in the car on the way to Bill's house. You didn't tell me that you had visited him!

Sorry I missed you here in Hartford with Jim Hobbs on the Monday night series. Stay in touch.

-Stephen Haynes

forbes said...

That's awesome! Me and my fiance almost moved there. She went to Marlboro College. Yes I did get to visit Bill which was fantastic. I hope to go back soon.