Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Atmospheres of Thought

Go: Organic Orchestra
Roulette/New York, NY

Adam Rudolph returns with the east coast version of Go: Organic Orchestra for another Monday series at Roulette on October 20, 27 & November 10, 17. We are moving into the next phase of the development of the ensemble and the steady unfolding of it’s understanding and fluency of/with Adam’s conception of blended notation and conduction grounded by a delightfully distinctive poly-rhythmic stew.

Some recent reports from listeners:
I caught a performance of Go: Organic Orchestra down in SoHo last spring and was swept away by what they were doing. It was fascinating and ahead of its time, in the best possible way. I loved every minute of it.
Marc Meyer/jazzwax.com
I was fortunate to have attended two nights with Adam Rudolph's Go Organic Orchestra at Roulette a few months back and was blown away by Adam's distinctive blend of jazz and world music as well as his conducting.
Bruce Lee Gallanter/Downtown Music Gallery
The musicians:

Stephen Haynes, Amir Elsaffar, Graham Haynes, Steve Swell, Peter Zummo/Brass; Ralph Jones, Ned Rothenberg, Charles Waters, David Rothenberg, Avram Fefer, JD Parran, Sara Schoenbeck, Salim Washington, Batya Sobel, Sylvain Leroux, Ze Luis, Michel Gentile, Kaoru Watanabe /Reeds and Flutes; Daniel Levin, Kirsten Jerme, Charles Burnham, Sarah Bernstein, Trina Basu, Jason Hwang, Lindsey Horner, Kevin Farrell/Strings; Kenny Wessel, Leni Stern, Marco Cappelli, Stuart Popejoy /Guitars; Harris Eisenstadt, Brahim Fribgane, Jonathan Singer, Dende de Bahia, Magnus Lindgaard/Drums and Percussion; Chris Dingman/Vibraphone; Alex Marcelo/Acoustic Piano plus additional TBA artists.

Not to be missed!

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