Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taylor Ho Bynum's Acoustic Bicycle Tour

Taylor Ho Bynum rode his bicycle up from New Haven today.  Why the bike and not his lovely fuel efficient automobile?  He is training for an upcoming five-state New England Tour, riding from state to state on his bicycle carrying along his vintage Holton pocket cornet, making stops along the way to perform with friends. Starting in a few weeks time at Firehouse 12 with his exciting new sextet, and ending up at the Magic Triangle series with Anthony Braxton, along the way Taylor will join me and Tyshawn Sorey for an evening of trio music at Real Art Ways on September 12.  What a treat!

I cooked up a meal of gluten-free corn pasta (carb loading seemed appropriate) topped with mushroom tempeh tomato sauce, a garden fresh three tomato salad and black currant spritzers.  It was great to catch up with Taylor as he is always in motion these days and I rarely see him.  After lunch, we headed out to the sun porch to work on notes for Bill Dixon's next recording, a concert document of new music composed especially for the 2010 Festival International de Musique Actuel de Victoriaville.  The music is a companion piece for Tapestries for Small Orchestra and is scheduled for release later this year on the VICTO label.

image of Stephen and Taylor by Brigid Kennedy

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