Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Sound of a Dream

Can You Imagine the Sound of a Dream
Adam Rudolph and Go: Organic Orchestra
Meta 014

I am happy to share the news that our work with Adam Rudolph over the past several years, building and developing an east coast version of Go: Organic Orchestra, has been documented in a new CD recording on Adam's Meta record label.  This is uncommon news, as my experience with creative orchestra work is that the music is almost never documented/shared in this manner, for a range of reasons.

One of the reasons or, at least, one of my primary reasons, that musicians engage in large ensemble work of this sort is community.  Gathering an orchestra (48 musicians here!) is a knitting of relationships, old and new.  As with Duke Ellington, the best leaders understand the magic that resides in this element/fellowship, and they use it as a essential tool in their compositional toolbox.  Adam Rudolph stands in that assembly, at once connecting tradition(s) with the present in a singular manner.

In April, we will return to Roulette in Brooklyn, NY for four Monday night concerts.  Shortly after that, we plan to bring the orchestra into the studio to record a new album of music. Click on the image below for (a larger version) a glimpse of the orchestra in motion.

Image of Adam Rudolph and Go: Organic Orchestra at Roulette by Judi Komala

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