Sunday, February 19, 2012

Improvisation Conversation on WNPR

A Conversation on Improvisation
Where We Live/WNPR
Hartford, CT

I was recently invited to join John Dankosky on his radio show, Where We Live, to discuss the notion of Improvisation.  The invitation was a response to the Improvisations series that I curate with Joe Morris at Real Art Ways.  When I spoke with the producers of the show, I suggested that we avoid the obvious and not fill the studio with musicians.  Instead, we invited an improvising choreographer - Rachel Bernsen - an improvising actor and a chef. 

We had a delightful time together, and it quickly became clear that more time was needed for the conversation, and that several topics raised during the course of our talk should have their own show.  This was the first time that I have been on air at WNPR since I moved to Hartford twenty years ago.  I hope to return to the studio soon to continue/extend the dance. 

Listen to the podcast of our conversation here.

Image of Stephen Haynes from Improvisations V by Maurice Robertson

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