Sunday, February 17, 2013

Improvisations at Real Art Ways

Real Art Ways
Hartford, CT

I have been remiss as regards writing about the work Joe Morris and I have been/are engaged in with/at Real Art Ways.  Since I last posted, we have moved into/are mid-way through a second year of presenting.  The list of guest artists since last May is Jason Kao Hwang w/Nathan Bontrager, JD Parran w/Dean Bowman, Mark Dresser, Marco Eneidi, Ramón López, Jean Carla Rodea w/Gerald Cleaver, and Alan Chase.  

This afternoon Joe and I will work together with Tyshawn Sorey, who plans to play trombone and melodica along with the expected drums and percussion. The balance of the season will include visits by Pascal Niggenkemper w/Charles Downes and a trio with the wonderful Mat Maneri.  In May, we will launch the first installment of an annual festival of new music at Real Art Ways.  As part of that effort, we hope to convene a small chamber orchestra.

iPhone image of Stephen Haynes, Ramón López and Joe Morris by Paul Mercado

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