Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Go: Organic Orchestra at ShapeShifter Lab

Adam Rudolph and Go: Organic Orchestra
Spring Concert Residency
ShapeShifter Lab
Brooklyn, NY

Go: Organic Orchestra just completed our annual Spring Concert Residency at a new (for us) venue, ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn.  Having the opportunity to settle into such a warm, welcoming environment with plenty of physical space and amenities for the ensemble and our listeners was a singular experience.  ShapeShifter Lab just celebrated a one-year anniversary, and we hope they will enjoy many more years of presenting the music. 

Speaking of anniversaries, it is worth noting the the New York-based iteration of Go: Organic Orchestra has been in existence since 2006.  As a longtime lover of the large ensemble, I can tell you that having the opportunity to work directly with a composer in the development of new music, not to mention the development of a distinctive approach to improvising orchestra, is rare.  Adam Rudolph has opened a doorway for us to grow and move together.  The work really is quite special.  Hear some of the music here.  

I love the ensemble, particularly the brass section.  Standing alongside my friends Graham Haynes and Peter Zummo has afforded me some deep fellowship, and you can hear this in the music.  A year ago, we went into Bill Laswell's studio for two days of intensive recording.  The fruit of this will see release by this fall.  Meanwhile we plan our first regional tour, no small thing for an orchestra.  We hope to make a stop here in Hartford, a prospect that excites me very much.  I have so many local listeners that I'd like to share the work with!  Stay tuned for details.

Images of Go: Organic Orchestra at ShapeShifter Lab by Hisao Kishimoto

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