Sunday, June 02, 2013

Pomegranate: Chapter Three

Pomegranate: New Music for Bill Dixon
Concert and Recording Session at Firehouse 12
New Haven, CT

Stephen Haynes/cornet
Joe Morris/guitar
Ben Stapp/tuba
William Parker/contrabass violin
Warren Smith/drums and percussion

In March of this year we brought the music for Pomegranate to Firehouse 12 in New Haven.  This is my favorite place to do this sort of work, and the venue feels like/is home.  I recorded my first (unissued) album, Bugaboo, here and Firehouse 12 was where we conducted the Bill Dixon Recording Residency Project that was documented in Dixon's Tapestries for Small Orchestra on Firehouse 12 Records.  

I am always happy when Nick Lloyd is recording my work.  Nick used one of Bill Dixon's personal microphones to record my voice, a wonderful/thoughtful surprise.  Friday night, we performed two sets of music to a full house.  Both sets were recorded.  The next morning, we recorded more music: trio, quartet and quintet settings.  William brought along his sintir and shakuhachi and we had a marimba in the studio for Warren.  We were fortunate to have Rob Miller join us to create a photographic record of the work.  Over the next few weeks,  we will return to the studio to sequence, mix and master the music for Pomegranate.  

All I can tell you know is that the spirits were in the room when we recorded, particularly during the second set on Friday night.   I look forward to sharing this new work with all of you in the very near future.  Thanks - again and again - to the community of listeners who contributed to this project through our Indiegogo campaign.  This project has changed the way that I think about getting my work documented.

Images of Pomegranate: New Music for Bill Dixon at Firehouse 12 by Rob Miller

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