Thursday, March 20, 2008

Taylor Ho Bynum and Positive Catastrophe
Tea Lounge/Brooklyn, NY
Monday, March 24

Shades of Thad and Mel, a big band co-led by a cornetist and drummer . Who says Taylor is not a traditionalist? Positive Catastrophe is midway through a residence where every set of music is followed by a film. For those of you who like your music in intimate and informal settings, this should be your cup of tea (couldn't resist!).

I will join the group this coming Monday for an evening of musical hijinks. Hanging with Taylor always brings out the trickster in me and we've not played together since last summer, when we anchored (along with Graham Haynes) the brass section in Bill Dixon's orchestra (CD arrives in June 2008!).

If you have not yet checked out the Tea Lounge, get thee hie!

The band:

THB/cornet, co-leader, Abraham Gomez-Delgado/percussion, voice, co-leader, Jen Shyu/voice, erhu, Mark Taylor/french horn, Reut Regev/trombone, Matt Bauder/tenor saxophone, Michael Attias/baritone saxophone, Pete Fitzpatrick/guitar, Keith Witty/bass, Tomas Fujiwara/drums.

The Tea Lounge is located at 837 Union Street between 6th & 7th Avenues in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Photo of THB by Scott Friedlander