Saturday, April 21, 2012

Improvisations VI: New Music at Real Art Ways

Improvisations VI
March 3, 2012
Real Art Ways
Hartford, CT

Early last month, we convened another installation of Improvisations, our ongoing series at Real Art Ways.  We were joined by Chris Cretella and Nigel Taylor.  I had never heard either musician before we played.  Chris lives in New Haven, and had been up to see some of our concerts.  Nigel drove down from Boston.

Chris and Nigel played in a duo setting.  In fact, this duo - Joint Raker - is a going concern and the work they have put in together showed.  Joe Morris and I played in duo next, something we have been doing for quite a few years in various contexts and I never tire of this setting.  Joe generates and weaves form and is a steady delight to work with.

We finished the evening with a foursome, two guitars and two trumpets.