Sunday, December 05, 2010

In Search of a Sound: Remembering Bill Dixon

In Search of a Sound: Remembering Bill Dixon
Follow the Sound Festival
Antwerp, Belgium

Ingrid Karl Recalls Bill Dixon
Earlier this year, I was invited to participate in a musical remembrance of Bill Dixon.  Rob Luerentop, Artistic Director of the Follow the Sound Festival, had the notion to invite four artists, all of who had, at some point in their career, an association with Dixon. Franz Koglmann, Jacques Coursil and Barry Guy answered the call to collaboration, as did I.  It would be fair to say that this particular combination of musicians would never have come together but for the invitation of the festival.  The diversity of our approaches to the music guaranteed, at the very least, an unusual confluence.

We had several days to get to know each other through rehearsal, conversation and, my favorite, shared gourmet meals.  My deepest connection was with Franz Koglmann and his wife Ingrid Karl.  Franz and Ingrid were longtime friends of Bill Dixon, and presented his work in Vienna at the essential Weiner Musik Galerie many times. Bill was fond of the city and his time there.  There are plans afoot to honor Bill's memory in Vienna in the near future.

The music we created is best described as work in progress.  Over an aesthetically adhesive bed of sound provided by Barry Guy, each of us improvised alone, in pairs and, at times, as a trio of trumpets.  There were moments of great beauty.   Check out one of the concert reviews, by Guy Peters for

 images by Ingrid Karl, Stephen Haynes & Geert Vandepoele