Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bill Dixon in Burning Ambulance Magazine

 Burning Ambulance
 Winter 2010

You may remember Phillip Freeman as the writer who interviewed Bill Dixon for Wire magazine.  Phil recently got a notion to create a new magazine, Burning Ambulance, available on demand as either a print product or down-loadable PDF.  He asked me to write a piece on Tapestries for Small Orchestra for the first issue.  I have expanded the original project journal from the Bill Dixon Recording Residency Project at Firehouse 12, adding new commentary and some voice from project participants.

I urge you to support this wonderful project by ordering a print copy.  Tell your friends to do the same.   Follow this link for excerpts from the inaugural issue and to order a copy.  A tip of the hat to the LEF Foundation for supporting the recording and filming of Bill Dixon's work at Firehouse 12.

Image of Bill Dixon by Mark Mahaney for Wire magazine