Sunday, January 19, 2014

Improvisers: The Music Photography of Chandler, Dean, Miller, Robertson

Improvisers: Chandler, Dean, Miller, Robertson
Real Art Ways
Hartford, CT

Maurice Robertson
Byron Dean
Rob Miller
Joseph Chandler

Throughout the past few years of presenting at Real Art Ways, Joe Morris and I have been blessed by an abundance of witness.  Maurice Robertson, Byron Dean and Joseph Chandler - all from the Hartford area - and Rob Miller have worked long and hard to create, and share, a visual record of the Improvisations series.  As we planned our third year of concerts, it seemed only right to mount a showing of the work as part of the events planned for our third year of presenting at RAW. 

We paired the opening of the show with a concert (Nate Wooley/Ken Vandermark), and it was a real treat to watch the room fill with friends and followers, calling out to each other, sharing hugs and laughter, discussing the work and the process of making it.  Perhaps, someday, we will create a website for the series.  Until then, visit the Facebook page for Improvisations to follow our progress, plans and the presence/presents of our grassroots music witness.

It is worth saying, loudly and proudly, that none of this - the series or this showing of work - would have been possible without the steadfast support and vision of Will Wilkins and the staff at Real Art Ways.  Music needs a home to grow and develop, and RAW is that place for Joe and me, our visiting artists and our listeners here in Hartford.  We are thankful for that!

Images by Maurice Robertson
Title image by Charmaine Nav

Two Plus Two Equals More: Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley in Hartford

Improvisations With Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley
Real Art Ways
Hartford, CT

Stephen Haynes/cornets and flugelhorn
Joe Morris/contrabass violin
Nate Wooley/trumpet
Ken Vandermark/clarinet, tenor and baritone saxophones

This past fall, Joe Morris and I joined with Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley for the second installment of Improvisations at Real Art Ways.  The evening was divided into duo and quartet sets.  The duo music departed from our normal format, as the material Nate and Ken performed was composed, intended to be performed over a series of nights on a small tour.  This was the first time that I had heard or played with Ken Vandermark.

The second set was a return to what we strive to do every time we encamp at RAW: build structure in real time, shared with the audience.  As usual, there was no discussion of what we might do together, and together we found a way, a most wonderful way.  We undertook this work surrounded by friends and followers, deep listeners all.  
What a delight the music and the company proved to be!

 Images by Rob Miller