Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bugaboo at the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival
Hillstead Museum, July 2006

We shared a delightful evening, punctuated by occasional bursts of rain, with poet Li-Young Lee, whose work was complex and inspiring.

Thanks to Alison Myers, Director of the festival, for inviting us. Alison moves to New York in August to assume position of Director of Cave Canem. See my links section for more on this essential organization.


andychatfield said...
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andychatfield said...

My wife and I loved this performance! The weather only allowed the group to do four beautiful songs: a free original "Haiku", Johnny Cash's "I Walk The Line", Ornette Coleman's ballad "All My Life", and the funky original "Pluck" dedicated to New Orleans.

Stephen Haynes said...

We mourn the loss of the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival. As Howard Gardner has put it "we found that innovative work in any discipline requires the alignment of a number of favorable elements...and that, just as these elements come into alignment, they will most certainly move back out of alignment."

Visit Cave Canem to see where Alison Myers, who brought us in for the performance, has moved her energies.