Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Pea Pod Trio Plus One

Niles Street Community Garden
Hartford, CT

Some images from last week’s musical exploration with old friends Bill Lowe and Billy Arnold. Hartford chanteuse and poet Margaux Hayes was invited to jump in and swim with us, and swim she did!

The food was locally grown, abundantly served and delicious. Our audience was attentive and called out to us and danced along with the music. Can I get a witness? I could hear my sound bouncing back off of the apartment buildings across the gardens as the sun went down-organic echoplex. What more could we ask for?

It is important to understand that these community gardens fill a range of essential functions here in Hartford-from knitting community to nourishing families-and are something that we have that must be supported consistently. In many of the neighborhoods these gardens inhabit, they provide a real, and sometimes hidden, heart for the neighborhood.

Consider making a donation to Knox today to support the vital work they perform year-round.

Thanks to Charmaine Craig and Knox Parks Foundation for the invitation to join the annual Community Garden Celebration.

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