Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Pea Pod Trio Redux

Cityscapes 2010: Restoring and Preserving Hartford's Urban Forest
Knox Parks Foundation Annual Gala
Hartford, CT

I am always happy when the things that I love in most in music happen close to home.  Last night I spent several hours making music with my community garden-inspired ensemble The Pea Pod Trio. The last time we were together was at the Niles Street Community Garden at the invitation of Charmaine Craig, Knox Parks' tireless Community Network Builder.  Over the years, Charmaine has provided many wonderful opportunities to make music in support of our community garden(er)s.  Last night was more of the same and we had a ball together.

Bill Lowe drove down from Boston with his tuba, drummer Billy Arnold arrived from Springfield and our newest member, guitarist Kevin O'Neil drove up from the shoreline of Connecticut.  As Bill Lowe would likely label this assemblage, we are a 21st century territory band.  Take a moment to reflect on the elegant beauty of that notion and it's deep (re)connection to tradition in the music.  

The Pea Pod Trio is beginning to feel like a band, and likely the next step will be adding one more instrument and seriously workshopping some material.  And, though we had rehearsed some material, we scrapped it and ended up improvising in a deep groove for the entire evening. 

Images of Stephen Haynes and The Pea Pod Trio by Andy Hart

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Unknown said...

Thanks for coming guys, your music got the party started and set an incredible mood for the evening. Can't wait to hear you play when I'm not working!

Ryan O'Halloran
Knox Parks Foundation