Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ken Filiano and Baudolino’s Dilemma

Ken Filiano and Baudolino's Dilemma 
Local 269
Manhattan, NY

Ken Filiano/contrabass violin
Stephen Haynes/cornet
Warren Smith/vibraphone and percussion
Michael TA Thompson/drums and percussion

I recently joined Ken Filiano for the launch of a wonderful new ensemble, Baudolino's Dilemma.  Baudolino is a character from Umberto Eco's novel of the same name who, as Ken put it, has great difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy.  That notion was our point of departure. 

While we worked, a powerful storm unleashed record amounts of rain outside.  The water and the chatter from the regulars at this small neighborhood bar made for a singular atmosphere.  The ensemble that performed before us was a wonderful surprise and the audience was full of friends and other musicians: JD Parran, Steve Dalachinsky, Jason Hwang and Sara Bernstein, among others.

I would be remiss if I did not tip my hat to Brad Farberman, who organized the evening and presented a wonderful piece for strings and spoken text after our set.  As Brad put it "nobody makes any money with this, but it is an opportunity to work on new ideas and to share the work."  For more images and another view of the evening, visit Jason Crane's site, The Jazz Session.

images of Baudolino's Dilemma at Local 269 by Brigid Kennedy

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Earl MacDonald said...

I went to school with Ken "many moons ago". Be sure to let me know if this group plays in CT. I'd love to drop by and have a listen.
~ Earl